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Krystal International Vacation Club is known for being one of the true testaments of vacation luxury, offering clients from around the globe the chance to enjoy all of the things they have dreamed of. Stunning accommodations greet visitors like a warm hug when they arrive on the property of any of these amazing resorts, but their customer service efforts through top recommendations truly take the cake.

 Krystal International Vacation Club

All those who are looking for a fun place to celebrate Halloween during the month of October should look no further than this list. Krystal International Vacation Club knows any of these picks will never disappoint, no matter what it is that travelers are hoping for when it comes to celebrating all the best parts of the holiday.


  1. Park City, Utah: All those who love traveling with their furry friends will love celebrating the Halloween holiday in this city. “Bark City” Howl-o-Ween is a massive street party that takes place each year where both pets and owners gather in their best attire to see who can take home the top treat—er, prize in the parade. There is also a local company who offers ghost tours detailing the unique history of the town, which used to be the home of silver mines.
  1. Princeton, New Jersey: Krystal International Vacation Club shares this town is a great place to become acquainted with a ghost or two at some of the historic places around. The local Princeton Tour Company visits local battlefields, cemeteries, and perhaps even a certain ivy-league school that shares the same name as the city. Those who weren’t believers will become them after seeing all the equipment they use include thermal and electromagnetic-field meters that help detect all you can’t see for a creepy time.


Krystal International Vacation Club knows all these Halloween ideas will make for a fun trip with your family this year.